Written by Libby Shaw

People may also be worried about weight gain if they quit smoking but it’s proven that most people who quit smoking will adopt other healthy habits such as eating a healthier diet and exercising more so they won’t actually gain weight. If anything, they may actually lose weight.

One other reason why people struggle with giving up the habit is the social aspect to smoking. Although most people these days are non smokers, there is still the feeling that people will miss out on social interactions if they don’t smoke. If people have friends who smoke, then they’re more likely to smoke themselves and will find it harder to quit. These people may consider themselves to just be social smokers and that there’s nothing wrong with that but every cigarette is doing them damage and harming their bodies.


There is of course hypnosis which is a one of cost, depending on how you look at it. Given the fee only needs to be paid once and comes with a lifetime guarantee, it could be considered an investment, especially given the fee only needs to be paid once and will see you quit smoking for good, which in turn will save you significant money.