Emily Woo

NLP Master Practitioner & Clinical Hypnotherapist
Quit Smoking in 60mins Specialist

Welcome!  I am so glad that you want to know a bit more about me.

I am the founder of 60mins Evolve the I, a business that is committed to positive personal transformation. I have a desire to help people achieve their health and well-being goals.

My focus is on the mind using NLP and Hypnosis techniques and I am extremely interested in how our conscious and unconscious minds work together to control our behaviour.

My formal education covers wide areas from Engineering, Economics, Applied finance, and Gifted education over last two decades and in four different countries.

My business ventures have expanded from retailing to area distribution, from private foreign currency and commodities trading to option trading, and from real estate to land development and more. Those years of experiences in dealing with people’s mind and observing my own behaviour and mind changes had grown me into strong personal interest to understand human mind and behaviour. It was ever stronger after I had focused in learning and actively involving in Brain Gym and children’s gift & talented education.

Through my mentor, George Faddoul, I was introduced with deep concepts of NLP and hypnosis and was so amazed with the power of NLP and hypnosis, also its combined power used in helping people to modify their behaviour effortlessly.

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My multi-culture, diversified business background, and multi-language skills enabled me to easily relate to people from all kind of backgrounds and fields.  My personal journey of transforming myself into a non-smoker, a health-minded eater and a NLP practitioner of whole-life-wellness naturally has led me to understand people more from many life aspects and angles.  As a fully qualified, certified and professional therapist I get enormous satisfaction from helping people take control over aspects of their life or behaviour which are causing them problems.


I work with sensitivity and a completely non-judgemental attitude. I understand that life can throw all sorts of things at us, and sometimes those things leave impressions on us that are far from helpful.  People come to see me for all sorts of reasons. They might have lost confidence in themselves and their skills, or feel that they need to develop and improve some aspect of themselves, such as their self-esteem or self-worth.  Some may have lost their focus in work.


I am promoting quitting smoking and currently focus on giving people the complete tools they need to quit smoking. Many people smoke subconsciously and that they do not actually enjoy the habit. I believe that for many people it’s just a crutch and habitual. Not surprise at all, quitting smoking was listed as one of the least successful New Year Resolutions. That’s what motivated me to set up the business. It’s not so much about being a business, as it is about assisting people in reaching their personal goals- Quit and Empower.

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My goal is to set up a non-profit body, “Fresh Air Promise”. I will donate $25 to this organisation for each client I help to become non-smoker.


My promise to you is to permanently change you to a non-smoker forever;
Your promise is To Empower Yourself for the Rest of Your Life via making mind on quitting smoking.

You Are What You Project!

What your energy is focused on, is where your life goes to – Napoleon Hill’s “The Law of Attraction”

Supporting Smokers

If you are genuinely interested in helping people to live a healthy life style and to technically help smokers to expand their life span, please contact me at Emily.Woo@60mins.com.au.

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