Our mission, and how you can be part of it.

“Evolve the I” is much more than a business. We are looking to save lives, at least one person dies per hour every single day in Australia. 



We want unlock the $1 BILLION dollars a month * spent on tobacco each month by Australians and put it back in the pockets of Australian families.

67 per 100,000 Individuals die of smoking related illness in NSW every year (http://www.healthstats.nsw.gov.au/indicator/beh_smoafdth), road deaths are less than a third of that number.

This despite the fact that 13% of those individuals smoke, yet practically 100% make use of road transport.

A smoker is 30 times more likely to die of smoking related illness than they are likely to die of a road accident.



“Evolve the I” offers a program that is an investment, not just in an individuals health and those around them, an investment that will pay dividends within a week,   
but also a financial investment that pays 100% returns month in month out within 30 days! 

As a smoker that is the return you will see on your initial investment, most smokers see 100% or more return every single month, you can calculate the ROI (savings) you will make by investing in your health here:

Cigarette Savings Calculator

This looks to increase each year as the government has increased cigarette duty every year since 2013 by 12.5% Government initiatives have now plateud**, where we have seen great success since the early 90’s through to 2013 through new regulations and restrictions a new  
thinking needs to be implemented, grass roots and community action, this is where Evolve The I hopes to close the gap in Sydney, NSW and we hope Australia.

But more than that we seek a societal change for the benefit of all, focused on improving your life, the life of those around you, your friends and colleagues, your family and children.  

But more than that we seek a societal change for the benefit of all, focused on improving your life, the life of those around you, your friends and colleagues, your family and children.

Complete social reform is what we seek, which sounds tough we agree, but the rewards are worth it a billion dollars a month and a thousand of lives saved every month.

The social reform we seek is an educational exercise and not insurmountable, the centre of our philosophy, “The Fresh Air promise” is clear.

The Fresh Air Promise:

A simple three part promise that applies to everyone:

+ Quitting smoking is the number one thing Australians can do to prevent death and prolong life

+ As a smoker you owe it to your loved ones to quit

+ As a non-smoker you owe it to your loved ones to advocate for and support their efforts to quit.

Play Your Part

Whether you simply help us share the message on social channels, take one of “The Fresh Air Promise” and put it into action in your daily life, or want to commit as a foundation member, a volunteer or advocate we have space for you and would be grateful for whatever support you can lend the mission.

There even exists the chance to capitalise as a brand ambassador and get financially rewarded for your time and efforts, all whilst helping promote a great cause.

We recommend you subscribe to our general mailing list and indicate what areas of the program your most interested in.


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