Where To Find Us

We are located in between Wynyard and Circular Quay Railway Stations and opposite to the Four Seasons Hotel (about a five minute walk from either station). No parking is available in our building so please use public transport.

We are required to pass on your name and arrival time to the lobby security counter. Please collect your pass upon your arrival, proceed to Level 32 and return your pass when you exit the building.

Let us make it easy for you to quit

Whether you’ve been smoking for 5 years or 50 years, five cigarettes or 50 a day, we have developed a system that has a strong proven track record in smoking cessation.

To take control of your life and improve your bank balance just pick up the phone or send us an email and we’ll be more than happy to give you all the tips you need to quit smoking and start living a healthier life.

Make an appointment now. Before you know it, your cigarette problem will be solved.


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Please Remember

Keeping your appointment is important to ensure you maintain the willpower to quit smoking. This positive willpower is then to be aligned with your unconscious mind through our therapy.