The Quit-Smoking-In-60mins Program

Three Parts:

Part One – Tailoring your program (20minutes approx.)

You will be required to fill the Pre-Consultation Form online or via our email link. This is will be followed up by our hypnotherapist or her assistant with counselling/Psychotherapy background further for your better understanding about the program and how it works – about 20 minutes.
You can ask questions and clarify anything on this part, and do take time to list your questions and get ready.

Part Two – Personalised Hypnosis Session (60minutes approx.)

Our Hypnotherapist will use most advanced techniques of NLP, debunking any myths that is associated to your individual reasons of being a smoker. You are inducted into a deep relaxation state to allow our hypnotherapist put stop on these reasons and to align your unconscious mind with your conscious mind. All you have to do is to follow the instruction without any judgement, and to visualize and to manifest your feeling of being non-smoker.

Part Three – Social Proof (20 minutes approx.)

Our systematic after-session social proof method will allow you to be comfortably and socially recognised that you are non-smoker forever by sharing your experience on our Facebook and on our well-organised public event. By doing so you have your growing inner power to be successful in your life as whole. We say “quitting smoking” is just very first step to move you forward with your internal strength.
We also support you in use of Quit-Pro app on your smart phone to track the benefit from not smoking on daily basis. It simply acts like a “Babbling” buddy system.

Total cost: $596
With our Life Time Guarantee!

Payment Information:

  • 5-days Cooling-Off period.
  • A Pre-Consultation questionnaire is required to be completed after payment.
  • After payment, you are booked in for 1.5 hours in-clinic time. This combines briefing on Part One & Three of the program and full 60 minutes of Hypnosis session.

Payment Method:

  • Method One: Full payment of $596 – online or in the clinic (Paypal, Cash, Credit Card or debit card are all accepted).
  • Method Two: Four instalments – the first being the deposit of $149 and three automatic fortnightly payments of $149 via PayPal.
  • Method Three: Deposit of $149 paid online or via phone call at 1300 60 8888 with reminder paid at session;
  • Balance, if any, to be paid at your session.
    • The instalment option is available once you select to pay the deposit online.
    • Coupons and vouchers are applicable on full payment only.