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Here you will find some answers to some of our frequently asked questions. If anything is not on this list just use the contact form at the bottom of the screen and we’ll be happy to answer your enquiry.

I am part of a network of hypnotherapists using a unique quit smoking system that has been in use for over ten years with literally tens of thousands of success stories.
The quit cigarettes in 60 minutes has been used to help people like yourself become happy, permanent, non-smokers for more than 10 years.
I am also certified and recognized as a hypnotherapist by the National Guide of Hypnosis the International Hypnosis Federation and the American Board of Hypnotherapy, which is one of the largest governing bodies in the world.

The biggest thing is our ability to help you be a non-smoker in only 60 minutes your time, and that is guaranteed for life to work otherwise we will work with you again, to make sure you are a non-smoker. Which is the reason you are calling.  We are able to do this because we have discovered a new way of combining advanced hypnosis techniques with the new science of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), which takes success rates to an unprecedented level.
In my clinic, I am also in the progress of developing a systematic after-session social proof method to allow you to be comfortably and socially recognised that you are non-smoker forever by sharing your experience on our Facebook and on our well-organised public event. By doing so you have your growing inner power to be successful in your life as whole. We say “quitting smoking” is just very first step to move you forward with your internal strength.
We also support you in use of Quit-Pro app on your smart phone to track the benefit from not smoking on daily basis.

Did you ask about the conditions of the money back guarantee? My guess is they probably have so many disclaimers that you would never get your money back anyway. We offer an unconditional lifetime guarantee. Which is actually better than a “money back guarantee”. Because you and I want you to quit cigarettes. And without guarantee, we are essentially guaranteeing you will quit cigarettes Which is better than your money back.

Yes, the group hypnosis quit cigarettes is only $80, but only 30% of the people get results. In a group setting you cannot custom tailor the program to yourself and your needs. That is why he success rates are so low. If you want to gamble that you will be in the group who succeeds, you can do that. Or you can play the sure game and with our guarantee, you will be a non-smoker.

National Health Services reports have shown that zyban is completely ineffective unless combined with other psychological or group type treatment—for example, hypnosis.  People have actually died as a side effect from this drug. The Makers of this drug state that 1 in 1000 will suffer convulsions that could lead to death.  It doesn’t work, and it is a very dangerous drug.  The Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes is completely safe, and WORKS… which is why we offer a lifetime guarantee.

All the forms of nicotine replacement therapy (gum, patches, etc.) have a success rate of only 10%–20%, depending on the scientific study. Which means that 80-90% of the time people fail. Not only does NRT fail most of the time, it also has dangerous side effects. Such as: nausea and indigestion, itching and redness of the skin, and nightmares—and occasionally the side effects can be more serious.  So there is very little chance of it working, and a very big chance of physical harm.  Hypnosis is completely safe, and WORKS…which is why we offer a lifetime guarantee.

You have an unconscious and conscious mind. Your unconscious mind is the one that drives your life. That does everything you don’t think about. And the conscious mind is the part of your mind that think, and makes choices, and decides what it is you do and don’t want to do. The Problem is that your unconscious mind will take over when you are not consciously thinking about it.

What hypnosis does is goes in through the “back door” of your mind and helps your unconscious mind changes its beliefs, patterns and habits so that when you are not consciously thinking about quitting, it takes over and works for you to be a non-smoker.

There is no special feeling of whether or not you are hypnotised. In fact, if you wanted to compare hypnosis to anything, the closest you could get is when you are extremely relaxed early in the morning just waking up or late at night just drifting off into sleep where you are not really sure if you are awake or sleeping.

Everyone with an average IQ can be hypnotised. It is simply about following our suggestions. If you can listen and follow suggestions, you can be hypnotised. Which means you can achieve successful results with hypnosis.

The question isn’t “does hypnosis work?” because it always works when it’s done correctly, the question is “how good is the technique?”
Other Hypnotherapists use a very basic form of hypnosis, which only usually gets a 30–40% success rate.
The way that we get over a 95% success rate is that we use a unique combination of advanced neuro hypnotic techniques.
Our success rate is the reason why we are the only hypnotherapy practice that is prepared to back our work up with a lifetime guarantee.

This is because some people had part of them that wanted the money back So they could start smoking just to get their money back.  We’ve found these who would come back are about 20% (1 in 5 people) – consciously they would have had one extra reason to smoke again to get money back. In this case, their unconscious mind will not work very well with their conscious mind together to have the best outcome. We have also found that more than 95% of people stop smoking completely with just one session without ”Money Back Guarantee”.  If we are not absolutely certain that you will succeed, we won’t take your money. If we do accept you as a client, which we will know in the first ten to fifteen minutes, then we will stick with you and support you whenever you need. The most important thing to us is your success.

We are looking to have additional locations available for our Sydney clients and are also in the process to expand our business into different states. Possible locations for this program will be Chatswood and Liverpool from 1 April 2017.

Yes. Our 60 minute hypnosis sessions are run by a certified Hypnotherapist. You’re in control the entire time and can stop if you want to. It’s completely up to you.

Yes. We have a 97% success rate.

If you do start smoking again, we will offer you a complimentary follow up session. We’re completely certain that you’ll quit the first time around.

A certified Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner. Myself and other qualified quit specialist with similar qualifications.

Just 60 minutes. Your hypnosis session will last for 60 minutes and you won’t want to smoke ever again following the session.

You’ll be much healthier and experience the immediate satisfaction of quitting smoking. We know that you won’t want to start again. Unlike other programs there won’t be side effects. It’s as simple as picking up the phone and giving us a call to book your session.

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