Invest the money that you would have spent on cigarettes in becoming a non-smoker

All we are saying is why don’t you take the money that you would have spent on cigarettes anyway, and invest it on becoming a non-smoker. Because then you’ll be saving a month, which works out to be more than a year. That’s like getting a yearly bonus of a year after tax. When you think about it you can’t afford NOT to quit cigarettes. then Your possible saving in 3 years: Your possible savings in 10 years: lastly Your possible retirement saving in 30 years:

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“Quitting Smoking is the hardest New Year’s resolution to keep – CNN”

Data from resolutions made in 2016 show that quitting smoking is the hardest of all resolutions, and people will need support services and quitting aids to succeed according to Meera Senthilingam, CNN, January 4, 2017

There are 1 billion smokers worldwide, and one resolution in the top 10 each year is the intention to kick the habit for good. The successful rates of quitting smoking was only 13%.

But this goal is the most difficult of all resolutions to keep, with three in five people in the United Kingdom who resolved to quit taking the habit up again by the end of January, according to new data released by the Royal Society of Public Health in the UK.

Quitting takes huge amounts of willpower. BUT?

Here’s your opportunity to access our unique approach to help you to quit smoking in 60 minutes effortlessly, life time guaranteed.

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